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 [[http://​www.oucc.org.uk/​|Oxford University Cave Club]]\\ [[http://​www.oucc.org.uk/​|Oxford University Cave Club]]\\
 [[http://​www.shepton.org.uk|Shepton Mallet Caving Club]]\\ [[http://​www.shepton.org.uk|Shepton Mallet Caving Club]]\\
-[[http://​shropshirescouts.org.uk/​activities/​caving-scouts|Shropshire Scouts Caving Team]]\\+[[http://​shropshirescouts.org.uk/​activities/​caving-scouts/|Shropshire Scouts Caving Team]]\\
 [[http://​www.sbss.info|South Bristol Speleological Society]]\\ [[http://​www.sbss.info|South Bristol Speleological Society]]\\
 Southern Professional and conservation cavers\\ Southern Professional and conservation cavers\\
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