16/05/08. Looks good eh? — Cookie

16/05/08. Excellent but most of title bar is missing on my screen. — Graham P.

Ah, just swapped to IE V7 and I see what you mean - I was on FireFox. I'll look into it. — Cookie

Now fixed. — Cookie

Apparently it can be edited by Officers but I don't know how to do this. Anyone know what button I should press? — Chris B

17/05/08. Nope. Still don't know how to edit things. — Chris B

19/05/08. You're joking, right? — Cookie

20/05/08. Darkplaces is here to do evil. Bottom right of page it says EDIT. Click that, start typing. I guess with the database for the access I cant actually update location details or is that set to change.

20/05/08 No, the database does not seem to be user-editable. I'm in two minds as to whether that is a good thing or not. — Graham

The main reason for keeping the Access Data in a database is that it has several uses - the website, the CSCC Handbook and Bill Chadwick's Google Map of Mendip Caves. It is easier to update in one place with one update, rather than three.

Next on my list of CSCC tasks is to put the live Access Data on the web and provide a front end so that updating it becomes easier. In the mean time updates can be posted on the Access Guide Updates page and periodically I will fold them into the live data. — Cookie

21/05/08 (Is anyone able to edit this page? I seem to be able to, but I am not an officer?)Message for Cookie: can you update the links to Mendip Caving Group? The MCG website is now Thanks —Martin R

For the moment all can edit, until it is spammed. MCG link updated. — Cookie

22/05/08 Cookie: Thanks for updating the main MCG link. I think it also needs to be updated on the accomodation page? Martin R

Well spotted. MCG accommodation link now updated — Cookie 28/5/08

Equipment is about anchors - a bit of a misleading title? It also talks about a “bolting coordinator” with no E Mail address anywhere on the site that I can find. Could you put a direct E Mail link to the Equipment Officer E Mail address in at that point ? — Bob Mehew 4/6/08

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