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Equipment is about anchors - a bit of a misleading title? It also talks about a “bolting coordinator” with no E Mail address anywhere on the site that I can find. Could you put a direct E Mail link to the Equipment Officer E Mail address in at that point ? — Bob Mehew 4/6/08

We used to have a Bolting Coordinator and an Equipment Officer. The two rolls have merged again so I have updated the text accordingly.

Yes the title is a bit misleading. The page is for the Equipment Officer, but all I have is about anchors. — Cookie 28/5/08

3/11/08 It might be a good idea to put the topo's in their own section, it took me ages to find them. — Les.

21/2/11 Please change the website for Bristol & District CC to — Tim

7/3/11. BDCC website link has been updated — Cookie

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